How To Choose A Paint For Your Bedroom

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The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces of any house. So choosing the right color paint before embarking on any decorating project is important. However this is often easier said than done with so many shades and hues available. We’ve put together a few tips for those looking to forgo the help of interior house painting contractors, color consultants and decorative finish professionals.

1. Think of the Bigger Picture

Assess the different kinds of furnishings you plan to use in your bedroom – these can include wallpaper, floor rugs and fabrics. It may sound obvious, but be sure to use a color that compliments these furnishings. As a rule of thumb, try to think of your paint job as part of an overall color scheme. You’d be surprised at how many people fail to do this!

2. Use samples to help you decide

Get samples of the fabrics you’ve chosen to use in your bedroom and refer to them when shopping for your paint. This will help to give you a better overall idea of what works and what doesn’t. Most home decor stores offer free samples so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

3. Find the right temperature

When selecting a color for your bedroom be mindful of temperature. Warm colors such as oranges and yellows tend to appear more stimulating to the eye. However, cool colors such as blue and green produce a more relaxing, calming effect. Much will of course depend on personal taste – remember that there’s massive variation in the color spectrum so try to experiment with both. For example, if you prefer warm colors but want a soothing overall effect, you can always go for a more subtle hue.

4. Think about lighting

Bedroom lighting could have a big impact on your chosen color-scheme. For instance, natural daylight is effective at showing the truest colors, while incandescent lighting can bring out warm, cozy tones such as yellows and oranges. If for some reason you’ve decided on fluorescent lighting for your bedroom, be aware that it will cast a sharp blue tone. Although such lighting may be suitable for office decoration, installing them in a bedroom might be a bit too far!

5. Test

Experiment with your chosen color and paint an area of your bedroom wall with it. What looked great in the store might not be so appealing when it’s on your walls. To avoid a trip back to the paint store, make full use of the paint chips provided in-store, before making your purchase.

The above tips should help you decorate your bedroom effectively. In fact, they’re the rules that most color consultants and house painters swear by! However, if you’d prefer to get professional assistance with your project, then visit our main site for more information. We should be able to provide you with the best residential painters Fairfield County and Westchester Country has to offer!

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