Bold Paint Colors Help Small Homes Shine

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As most painters and decorators will tell you, choosing the right color paint for your home is essential – this is especially true if you have a small home. If your living space is a bit too cramped for your liking, the correct use of certain colors and shades can make it seem far more spacious than it actually is. In New York City, for example, you’ll see tiny house selling for millions because they feel light, airy and spacious – even when their actual square footage is nothing to shout about. So whether you’re a budding painter and decorator, or you’d like to become a bit more informed about color selection before calling in the residential home decoration specialists, here are a few pointers to consider.

Ice Cream

Just like your average office refurbishment project, enlarging a living space without knocking down walls is all about optical illusion. To achieve such visual trickery requires the application of icy blues and cream colors. These used in combination can really help give an impression of spaciousness. Light colors such as these are far more reflective than darker colors and they enhance natural light instead of absorbing it. An effective method is to paint wall trims or moldings in a lighter color than the walls – as a result the wall actually appears further back which can make a room seem bigger.

The Kitchen

White is probably the color of choice in smaller kitchens and it is the most potent light-reflector. Apply similar shades to the counter tops and cabinetry and you’ve got yourself a space which is seamless and devoid of visual boundaries. Avoid darker colors which have the potential to stop the eye. It’s also better to use several shades of white instead of just one – a mono-colored kitchen infers sterility and dullness. Pale yellows we find also look very good; they provide a sense of warmth which the white lacks.

Stairwell & Hallway

If your hallway or stairwell isn’t blessed with too much space try to keep the walls as plain as possible. Again, use bright, lighter colors which will open up the space. Creams, whites and very light pastel colors are all well-suited to this area of the home. The trims should be painted in the same color as the walls – this offer a cohesive, smooth look that can widen and elongate the walls. Don’t worry about sterility here. Unlike the kitchen, your average stairwell or hallway has got much more going on in terms of design and architectural features.


The bedroom is perhaps the exception to the rule with regards to space enhancement. Although bright colors will help it appear more spacious, they also have the potential to make the room seem cold. Therefore, try to combine warm soothing colors with paler shades. Alternatively, try painting one wall a deeper shade than the others – this will help it to recede visually. Even a stencil or stripe pattern can help distract the eye from the bedrooms small size.

Hopefully the above tips will give you some idea on how to make your smaller home seem much more spacious. You can either try these steps yourself or call in professional painters and decorators. Either way, you’ll be really surprised at the difference a coat of paint can make when it comes to living spaces that are spatially challenged.

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