Decorating With Shiplap

If you never heard this term before, you probably don’t follow the show ‘Fixer Upper’ on HGTV. It is amazing to see how creative Chip and Joanna are. They have inspired so many people with this trend that they incorporate in almost every house they renovate. So, what exactly is shiplap? Shiplap is a kind of wooden board that’s often used for constructing sheds, barns, and other rustic buildings. Traditional shiplap has a rabbet (or groove) cut into the top and bottom, which allows the pieces to fit together snugly, forming a tight seal. This also gives shiplap its distinctive appearance, with subtle horizontal reveals between each piece. Lately shiplap has become a popular choice for interior finishes, thanks to its rustic charm and subtle texture. It’s a great way to add a little character to any room.
Check out some pictures to inspire you and call us if you need a hand.

1. Entry shiplap entryway 1

2. Sitting Room

shiplap sitting room

3. Fireplace Surround

shiplap fireplace

4. Living Room

living room shiplap

5. Kitchen

shiplap kitchen

6. Dining Room

shiplap dining room

7. Stairway

shiplap staircase

8. Bedroom

shiplap bedroom

9. Bathroom

shiplap bathroom

10.Accent Wall

shiplap accent wall

Using shiplap will create a warm, beautiful and inviting home. Feel free to reach us at 1-800-687-9470 to get a quote for your project.

Palette Pro. Beautifully done.

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